Use Cases

Our clients range from corporate sector to government and public sector in Asia. The recent success stories are as follow:


Mobile Inventory Management

Industry: Leading retail, brand management and distribution company

Challenges: Need to have a flexible mobile system to manage inventory control in/out between multiple factory outlet locations


  • Mobile inventory control system, with industry grade mobile barcode devices
  • All the stock in / out via the mobile system, integrated with the back-end ERP system to have an accurate and updated inventory record


Vehicle Tracking Management

Industry: Logistic company


  • Track multiple vehicles in terms of oil, time and route
  • Integrated with door locks and / or temperature sensors for cargo
  • SMS alerts of notification
  • Reporting option


Waste Dumping Monitoring

Industry: Marine dumping company

Challenges: Need to compliance to the dumping at sea ordinance, CAP466


  • FEMU able to real time monitor and track the ship to dump those wastage at the exact locations specified by the EPD


Weather Monitoring

Industry: Observatory

Challenges: Need to have real time system to monitor water tide and water level and send alert in case of flooding


  • FEDU monitors wind speed, humidity, temperature, transducer pressure with real time visual monitoring


Electronic Rehabilitation Management System

Industry: Hospital Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation unit

Challenge: Need to have a system better manage patients treatment activities, with scheduling, and vital monitoring


  • ERMS to provide patient management (check-in and out), activities scheduling & management, vital monitoring during the treatment activities and record purpose
  • Monitoring and alert for patient activities


Elderly Home Care

Industry: Leading Private Hospital in Hong Kong


  • Patient record digital management system, turning hardcopy record into fully index electronic copies
  • Best of Breed Content Management System as the core: Alfresco
  • Custom built for doctors and nurses collaborative medical platform
  • Real time pull patient records for health care management