Company Information

mCommerce Online Limited (mCoMo) is a system integrator and engineering company which specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Established in 2002, mCoMo is a successful spin-off company under the Technology Innovation program of the University of Hong Kong. Since its inception, mCoMo have developed a wide range of propriety products together with system integration and turnkey solutions that enable corporate and government customers to better manage their fleet of vessels, vehicles, assets and deliveries.

mCoMo prides itself in its innovative solution and high quality product support services. Senior management and engineering staff have over 10 years of experiences and qualifications in the telecommunications and IT industries. Together with strong partnerships from various technology partners and services providers, mCoMo keeps abreast with the market needs and uses state-of-the-art system and applications to tailor individual’s specific needs of each customer.